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Summer Reading Begins Today!

June 4, 2007

Today is the first official day for the Summer Reading Program at the Marathon County Public Library.  Everyone can join the reading club--even babies, who have someone read to them.  Adults can join, too!

To begin, you need a reading ticket.  These are available at the desks in all MCPL libraries and in the summer reading brochure.  They can even be printed from the library's website!

Each ticket contains twelve little pictures.  To cross off a picture, you need to read a picture book, read 25 pages in a longer book, or attend a library program.  When all the pictures are crossed off, bring your ticket to any Marathon County Public Library location.  You will have a chance to win prizes with every ticket you turn in!

Our theme this year is "Get a Clue!"  The teen theme is "You Never Know." You can read any kind of books that you like for the reading program, but it will be a fun summer to read mystery books.

Are there any mystery readers out there?  What are your favorite mystery stories?

To learn more about the summer library programs, reading club, and other events, visit the library's SLP website:

Children Summer Library Program