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Try a true crime book!

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June 4, 2019

Even for the most reluctant reader, true crime always seems to be a big hit. Let’s face it; nearly everyone suffers from some curiosity when it comes to crime. How could a person cut a body completely in half and pose it in a vacant lot without anyone noticing?  What happened to this person to make him into someone who seems to enjoy abducting and killing people?  Personally, I like true crime for the mystery aspect as well as the details into the investigation. 

The following books highlight cases that inspired authors, such as “The Real Lolita,” where we learn that Nabokov was fascinated with the abduction of Sally Horner and that led directly to his famous novel, “Lolita.”  Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes about the abductions of journalists by Pablo Escobar to ensure the government of Columbia would not extradite him or other members of the Medina Cartel to the United States. Even famous crimes have some explanation or at least a chance to understand what happened, such as learning about the everyday lives of the two high school boys who perpetuated a mass shooting at their high school can help us learn about what’s really going on in our schools and how some of the students feel betrayed and alienated from their peers.

So take a chance on a true crime book. They are great way to get back into reading or if you just want something new.

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