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Under the sea in the ELC!

photo of a tang unicorn fish taken by MCPL staff

January 8, 2019

Under the sea is an exciting place to be, so bring your young children to MCPL Wausau to experience the ocean-themed activities and books in the Early Literacy Center (ELC) during the months of January and February! 

Some of the activities we have available include puzzles for learning colors and matching animal shapes, a fish felt board featuring the Dr. Seuss book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (you can read the book together, too) and felt ocean animals paired with their names. Our magnetic boards have ocean animals and words kids learn together, too.  And, of course, there are a few nets, fish bowls with toy fish and other animals to play catch-and-release with! A fun fishing game and a “match it” ocean bingo game is also in the Early Literacy Center to play with your child.   

Before or after your visit to the ELC, complement your fun ocean adventure with a walk over to the library’s Phyllis Donner Memorial Aquarium with your children to witness a mini-ocean environment with multiple varieties of live fish, anemone, coral and other live ocean creatures, and it will be easy to imagine that you are truly “under the sea.” 

Helping your child to increase their early literacy knowledge and helping prepare them for school is simply all about interacting with them - talking, reading, singing, writing and actively playing together. Ask them questions while playing and reading with them, such as asking them "How many fish are there?," "What colors are the fish?," and "What creature is that?" You can also try making up a silly fish song using a familiar melody and sing it together. Letter and word recognition, and hearing sounds of words and letters, are so important in your child’s early years when language is forming before they go into kindergarten. You might not see it until much later,  but there is a lot going on in your young child’s brain, and research has given us factual evidence to support that these early experiences help develop your child’s brain.    

So enjoy your visit to the library and have fun pretending to dive beneath the sea, learning about ocean animals and helping develop your child’s brain!

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image credit: MCPL