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Uniform Addressing Project to Begin Next Month

Uniform Addressing official notice

March 21, 2018

In a few short weeks, Marathon County's Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department will begin the installation phase of its new Uniform Addressing System, which will change more than 20,000 address county-wide.

In anticipation of the project's tentative April 9 start date, the county will begin sending out a staggered mailing of Official Notices to property owners whose addresses will be changing as a result of the project. Official Notices will be mailed in a series of batches between late March and November, beginning on the east side of the county and moving west. Property owners will receive the notice a few weeks before sign installation is set to begin in their municipality, with the first batch of mailing set to go out next week. This notice will inform recipients of their new address, as well as other details about the project. Recipients should keep this notice for their records, as they may later need it as proof of their address change (for updating licenses, certificates, etc.)

Following each mailing, the county will update a sign-installation progress pap at, indicating which municipalities have been completed, are currently in-progress or next in line for sign installation. At the same time, the county will post downloadable cross-tables that will match up the new addresses in those communities with the old addresses they are placing. Additional address cross-tables will be uploaded to the website throughout the year. These cross-table spreadsheets will be essential to businesses, utility companies, schools, and other nonprofits that will need to update their customer, client, and member databases with the address changes as they are released over the next several months.

After recipients receive their Official Notice, Diggers Hotline will visit each property in a given municipality to spray-paint lines on the property to mark where it’s safe for workers to install the signpost. In the weeks to follow, a blue, flag-style address sign will be installed on the side of the driveway for most properties by workers from Lange Enterprises, out of Oconomowoc. Property owners will NOT have to be home during spray-painting or sign installation. At the time of sign installation, old signs and signposts will be removed by Lange workers for recycling. A small number of properties are slated to receive a black-and-white, building-mounted address sign, which they will affix to the front of their home or business in accordance with provided instructions included with the sign. Property owners can begin using their new Uniform Address AFTER their flag-style sign is installed in the ground or AFTER they have received their building-mounted sign in the mail. For safety reasons, the new address should NOT be used until after the date of installation/delivery, when E911 services will be synced with the new address.

To keep everyone up to date, affected property owners can visit the county's dedicated Uniform Addressing website — — for project updates, cross-reference spreadsheets, maps, address-change checklists, frequently asked questions, and quick reference guides and more. Nearly all information on the site is easily translated into Hmong or Spanish via a button on the homepage. Residents can also call the reference desk at our Wausau Headquarters Reference Desk at 715-261-7230 with questions, or visit any of the nine MCPL locations for one-to-one assistance or a free paper copy of the quick reference guides.

Community Uniform Addressing

image credit: Image by Ben Krombholz, Marathon County Public Library staff.