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Where is the Bathtub?

library reading bathtub

August 27, 2010

I have had this question from many children in the last couple weeks.  So--here it is--sitting in the library's garage, in the middle of a much-needed makeover.  Kitty has completed the painting (look at the snazzy gold feet!), and Olson Carpet One will soon be replacing the old, worn carpet.  Our thanks to Christine Bremer-Zoromski, who is funding the tub's makeover.

What's that in the tub?  All the Summer Library Program reading tickets from throughout the county, waiting for the drawing of the grand prize.  Wow, what a lot of reading our customers did this summer!

And the Grand Prize winner is...
...stay tuned...

Children Summer Library Program

image credit: Photo by Marathon County Public Library staff.