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Where Would You Time Travel To?

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January 19, 2021

There’s no shortage of great books about time travel. Consider The Time Machine, A Christmas Carol or the more contemporary Outlander. Maybe you haven’t read a book that includes actual time travel, but one that takes place in another era. For example, many westerns, science fiction, fantasy, and romance books are set in the past or future, and can also do the trick.

We asked our patrons in Mosinee if they could be time travelers, to when would they travel? Many found it a difficult question. A number of patrons were concerned that any action in the past would cause a change in the present, much like in the movie Back to the Future. For that reason, one young patron decided he would travel to the future instead.

Wartime is not an event you would usually think of revisiting, but two patrons would choose to do just that. One mentioned she was fascinated by both world wars; another said he would like to experience life on the home front during World War II.

Enjoying the social scene was the goal of some patrons. One individual spoke of the ballrooms of yesterday around the Mosinee area and wished they could be restored and used as in the Big Band days of the 1930s and 40s. Others longed for the 1950s, with its poodle skirts, pony tails, and sock hops. Another patron had an eye to a different century and country, saying, “I’d travel back to the time of Shakespeare to see his plays as he originally intended them. I’d also bring recording equipment so others could see them too.” Good thinking!

Automotive history was on the mind of one car enthusiast who said he would like to travel back to the early 1990s when the German and Japanese domestic car scene was just starting out.

Relationships were a priority with some individuals, one of whom said he would go back to his childhood so he could enjoy and experience relationships to a greater degree; another simply wished to spend time with her grandma again, “even if just for a day.”

Some patrons astutely observed that every time period in the past had its difficulties, such as a lack of modern medicine and conveniences. One individual commented, “I enjoy indoor plumbing.”

Though answers varied with individuals, I think just about everyone would agree with the patron that wished to go back to one year ago, “before COVID!”​ :)

If you could travel back (or forward) in time, where would you go, and why? Or is there a certain era or historical event you enjoy reading about? Let us know in the comments.

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