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Writing contest results!

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August 27, 2018

A Community Writing Competition open to all patrons of the Wisconsin Valley Library Service took place earlier this year, January through May. Judging of the entries by library staff commenced, and the winners were selected in June. There were just over 25 entries to consider in the three categories of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, and the ages of participants ranged from 13 to 85.

In the interest of sharing local writing with the community, winners’ entries were printed in the Record Review, a weekly newspaper that serves the areas around Athens, Edgar, Marathon, Stratford, and Spencer. The goal of the competition was to promote creative writing. It provided an incentive for writers to create a new work, revise a previously abandoned piece of work, or finally polish up that masterpiece. 

Cindy Meyering of Marathon City, the winner in fiction, decided to self-publish her book “I’m There For You,” a part of which she submitted to the competition.

Wausau resident Laura Lee’s memoir-style story “Seen Not Said” won the creative nonfiction category.

A poem called “The Two Faces of Spring” by Amy Pangborn of Edgar took first place in poetry. 

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Read the winning entries below:

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