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Can I get a library card during the pandemic?

FAQ: Can I get a library card during the pandemic?


MCPL library cards

Yes! If you don't already have a library account, you may apply at

You may pick up your library card (1) at MCPL Wausau's drive thru during curbside pickup hours (no appointment required), or (2) at MCPL branches by appointment.

If you already have a library account, but it's expired, please contact us instead of re-applying.

If you applied for an account during the library's COVID-19 closure (March 17–June 21, 2020) through July 2020, you were granted a temporary "digital resource account" that will expire on September 1, 2020 unless you bring a photo ID to your local MCPL upgrade to a regular account.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has prompted changes to the library's day-to-day operations — all of which were implemented to maintain the health and safety of patrons and library staff — while continuing to provide quality library services. ... (read more)

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