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May I return my items to any public library?

FAQ: May I return my items to any public library?


Where a library item can be returned depends on how it was borrowed and which library owns it:

Items owned by the Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) or any public library that is a member of V-Cat (i.e. part of the Wisconsin Valley Library Service) may be returned at any MCPL location or any public library that is a member of V-Cat. Each item is labeled or stamped with the name of the library that owns it — typically on the barcode used for checkout. When in doubt, please contact us; you are responsible for replacement costs if an item goes missing when improperly returned. (Please note: Artworks are an exception; they must be returned in person at the library that owns them.)

Items borrowed using Interlibrary Loan (WISCAT / ILL) — i.e. items borrowed from libraries that aren't members of V-Cat — may be returned at any MCPL location, provided they were checked out at an MCPL location originally. If the item was checked out at another (non-MCPL) V-Cat member library, please return it to that location instead. If you have questions about this, please contact us; you may be charged a fee if an item goes missing or becomes damaged when improperly returned.

All other library items, generally speaking, should be returned to the locations that own them. This may include school libraries, public libraries from areas outside of the Wisconsin Valley Library Service, etc.