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What happens if I don't return an item?

FAQ: What happens if I don't return an item?


A "first notice" is sent when books are seven days overdue, or when interlibrary loans or DVDs are two days overdue.

A "final notice" is sent 14 days later.

The item is declared "lost" 35 days after the due date, and the borrower is billed for the actual cost of the lost item or a minimum charge of $6. The library will not accept a replacement copy purchased by the borrower.

After 60 days, if this amount (in combination with any other fines) is more than $75, the account will be reported for debt collection and assessed an additional $10 collections fee.

Patron accounts are blocked under the following circumstances:

  • lost materials are not returned after a bill has been sent
  • the account carries $5 or more in fines
  • the account shows 25 or more items overdue
  • the account has been referred to debt collection 

To restore your account to good standing after the loss or damage of an item, please contact us to discuss your options!