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Why can't I see my position on the waiting list for an item in the Library Catalog (V-Cat) anymore?

FAQ: Why can't I see my position on the waiting list for an item in the Library Catalog (V-Cat) anymore?


As of April 2021, a decision was made to undo the following changes. Your ability to see your position in the waiting lists for items will be restored in the near future.

For the safety of our communities during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we have prioritized local requests on locally-owned materials to reduce the movement of items between libraries. 

In other words, your requests will be filled with a copy from your pickup library, unless another library's copy is available sooner.

If your pickup location doesn't own a copy, your hold will be filled with another library's copy when it becomes available.

As a result, you may notice that your hold queue number is no longer available.

This is because the number wouldn't be accurate since there are more variables involved than the order of people waiting for a given item.

Formerly, your position in the hold queue was displayed in the list of requested items you see when you log in to your account in the Library Catalog (V-Cat). 

You can still see the overall number of requests on a given title, and the number of items of the same title available, in the library catalog while browsing; however, these numbers might not accurately predict when you are likely to receive a requested item.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has prompted changes to the library's day-to-day operations — all of which were implemented to maintain the health and safety of patrons and library staff — while continuing to provide quality library services. ... (read more)