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Will I still be able to check out items from libraries in WVLS?

FAQ: Will I still be able to check out items from libraries in WVLS?


Yes. If MCPL joins the South Central Library System (SCLS), your MCPL library card could be used to check out materials from any of the nine MCPL locations, or from any of the other 60+ public libraries in SCLS. By comparison, there are 20+ public libraries in the Wisconsin Valley Library Service (WVLS). 

If you’d like to check out materials from a library outside of the SCLS system, you could do so either through interlibrary loan (which allows you to borrow materials from other libraries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota) or by obtaining a library card for the library that owns the items you want. Many people have library cards for more than one library or library system.

On January 25, 2021, the Library Board voted to approve a motion for the Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) to join the South Central Library System (SCLS). The 4-3 vote was preceded by a year-long analysis by the Library System Task Force, which was formed in January 2020 to thoroughly examine the cost and benefits of joining SCLS. In December 2020, the Task Force’s final recommendation was that MCPL join SCLS ... (read more)