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Will it take longer to receive requested items (holds)?

FAQ: Will it take longer to receive requested items (holds)?


Patrons in the South Central Library System (SCLS) can sometimes experience a waiting period on their requests, especially for new items by popular authors or new feature films and TV series on DVD, just like patrons in the Wisconsin Valley Library Service (WVLS).

The 60+ public libraries in SCLS do serve a larger overall population than the 20+ public libraries in WVLS – meaning more people will have access to the same titles. However, patrons often will find more copies of those items in SCLS. For example, the new Karin Slaughter novel may have 10 holds on 20 copies in WVLS, and that same novel may have 20 holds on 40 copies in SCLS. Overall, we believe wait times will be similar between the two systems.

Also, MCPL will continue to prioritize our own patrons with newer, high-demand books and movies. That means all 10 copies of the new James Patterson novel purchased by MCPL – or any other new book or film – will be available only to MCPL patrons for at least the first six months after release, which helps reduce wait times. Also, MCPL staff continually monitors hold lists, and we would still have the ability to purchase extra copies of items to reduce wait times, both with our physical materials and within Wisconsin’s Digital Library (Libby / OverDrive).

On January 25, 2021, the Library Board voted to approve a motion for the Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) to join the South Central Library System (SCLS). The 4-3 vote was preceded by a year-long analysis by the Library System Task Force, which was formed in January 2020 to thoroughly examine the cost and benefits of joining SCLS. In December 2020, the Task Force’s final recommendation was that MCPL join SCLS ... (read more)