Marathon County Public Library

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Policies & Procedures

Item Title ID
01.01 Introduction OV-02
01.03 Operations Manual: Updating, Copies and Form OV-03
02.01a-c Marathon County Public Library Building Blocks MS-01
03.01 Chapter 43: Libraries WS-01
03.02a-b Open Meetings of Governmental Bodies (Chapter 19j) WS-02
03.03a-b Theft of Library Materials, (Chapter 943.61) WS-03
03.04a-b Records WS-04
03.05a-d Open Records Law, Interpretations of: Marathon County General Government 1.30 WS-05
03.06 Open Records Law: Marathon County Public Library Open Records Law Legal Custodian Interpretations of WS-06
03.07a-k Open Records Law: Bronson LaFollette, Attorney General Opinion 6-2-83 Interpretations of WS-07
04.01 Bill of Rights LS-01
04.02a-d Administrative Policies and Procedures Affecting Access to Library Resources and Services, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-02
04.03 Challenged Materials, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-03
04.04a-b Access for children and young people to videos and other nonprint formats, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-04
04.05a-b Collection Development, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-05
04.06 Evaluating Library Collections, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-06
04.07a-c Meeting Rooms, Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-07
04.08 Expurgation of Library Materials, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-08
04.09a-b Access: Free Access to Libraries for Minors, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-09
04.11a-b Library Initiated Programs as a Resource, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-11
04.13a-b Access to Library Materials - Restricted: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-13
04.14a-b Statement on Labeling, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-14
04.15a-d Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-15
04.16a-c Economic Barriers to Information Access: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-16
04.18a-c The Universal Right to Free Expression, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights LS-18
04.30a-b Confidentiality of Library Records LS-ST-01
04.31a-e The Freedom to Read LS-ST-02
04.32 Freedom to View LS-ST-03
04.33 Statement on Appraisal of Gifts LS-ST-04
04.34 Statement on Re-evaluation of Library Materials for Children's Collections LS-ST-05
04.35a-b Statement on Code of Ethics LS-ST-06
04.37 Governmental Intimidation Policy LS-ST-08
04.38a-c Resolution on the USA Patriot Act and Related Measures That Infringe on the Rights of Library Users LS-ST-09
05.01a-b Resolution FOR-01
06.01a-d Bylaws for the Marathon County Public Library Board of Trustees LIB-01
06.02 Board / Director Relationship LIB-02
06.03a-c Board Members LIB-03
06.04 Fiscal Powers of the Library Board and the Library Director LIB-04
06.05 Powers of the Library Board of Trustees LIB-05
06.06 Board Meeting Minutes to Staff LIB-06
06.08 Recognition of Personnel LIB-08
06.09a-c Board of Trustees Travel Policy and Travel Expense Form LIB-09
06.12 Board Meeting Recording LIB-12
07.01 Administration of Library AMOM-01
07.02 a-b Organizational Chart AMOM-2
07.03 Emergency Governance AMOM-03
07.05 Annual Report AMOM-05
07.08a‐b Workshop, Conference, and Meeting Attendance Policy AMOM-08
07.09a-b Workshop, Conference, and Meeting Authorization Form AMOM-09
07.10a-c Authorization and Travel Expense Statement AMOM-10
07.11 Media Policy AMOM-11
07.21 Injuries/Accidents – Public - Reporting AMPER-02
07.27 Volunteer Program Policy AMPER-08
07.28a-c Volunteer Application Form AMPER-09
07.29 Intern Program Policy AMPER-10
07.40 Expenditure Authorization AMFIS-01
07.44a-b Fixed Assets Quadrants AMFIS-05
07.45 Fund Raising Policy AMFIS-06
07.50a-h Privacy of Library Records and Library Use AMFIS-07
07.55a-b Naming Rights Policy AMPRO-55
07.56a-b Photo Release Policy AMPRO-56
07.57a-d Behavior in the Library Policy; Banning Form AMPRO-57
07.58 Police Assistance AMPRO-58
07.59a-d Unattended Customer Policy AMPRO-59
07.60a-b Programming Planning and Development Policy AMPRO-60
07.61a-b Video Surveillance Policy AMVID-61
07.62 a-c Animals in the Library Policy AMAILP-62
07.63 a-f Branch Library Establishment and Dissolution Policy AMBLEAD-63
08.01A Study Room Procedure FMPRO-03
08.01a-h Meeting Room Policy FMPRO-01
08.02 Maintenance Work Form FMPRO-02
08.03 Digital Signage Policy FMDSP-03
08.22a-j Fire Plan FMBUI-03
08.26 Emergency Boiler/Plumbing/Electrical/Air Conditioning Repair FMBUI-07
08.27 Garage or Tools for Personal Use FMVEH-03
08.40 Smoking-Marathon County Public Library FMSMO-01
08.41a-b Smoking - City of Wausau Ordinance 2.90 FMSMO-02
08.42 Smoking - Marathon County Ordinance 9.05 FMSMO-03
08.43a-c Smoking - 1983 Wisconsin Act 211 and Wisconsin Statute 101.123 FMSMO-04
08.50 Equipment/Library Staff Checkout Procedure FMEQU-01
08.51a-b Equipment Repair FMEQU-02
08.52 Paging System (Headquarters) FMEQU-03
08.53 Sale/Disposal of Used Property FMEQU-04
09.01a-c Wisconsin Public Library Systems IRWV-01
09.02a-c Bylaws of Wisconsin Valley Library Service IRWV-02
09.03a-b Wisconsin Valley Library Service Board Members IRWV-03
09.04a-c Wisconsin Valley Library Service Intersystem Agreement for Continuing Education IRWV-04
10.01a-c Library Card Registration Policy – Library Card CIPR-01
10.01Aa-d Library Card Registration Procedure CIPR-01A
10.03 Intersystem Registration Card Policy CIPR-03
10.10a-c Checkout Policies – Fines and Fees CIBPR-01
10.11 Audiovisual Materials Circulation Policy CIBPR-02
10.12a-b Laptop/Tablet Checkout Policy and Patron Agreement CIBPR-06
10.13a-b Circulation Records - Wisconsin Statute Chapter 43.30 CIBPR-04
10.14a-b E-Reader and Handheld Scanner Checkout Policy and Patron Agreement CIBPR-07
10.15a-b Wii Gaming Procedure CIWGP-01
10.16a-b Teen Zone Xbox Gaming Procedures CITGP-01
10.17 Patron Linking Procedure CD-12
10.21 User Fee - Lost Library Card Charge CIUSE-02
10.23 User Fee - Photocopying, Printing, Computer, Faxing Fees CIUSE-04
10.24a-f Interlibrary Loan Policy and General Procedures CIUSE-05
10.27a-b Overdue, Lost or Damaged Library Materials CIUSE-08
10.27Aa-c Claims Returned and Lost Materials, Communicating with the Customer CIUSE-08A
10.28 Lost or Damaged Library Materials Standard Charges CIUSE-09
10.29 Borrowing Materials by Staff CIPR-05
10.30 Book Club Procedure CIBCP-01
11.01 Storytime Policy SEPRO-01
11.02 Passport Policy SEPRO-02
11.03 School and Group Visits to the Library SEPRO-03
11.10 Outreach Service Policy SEES-01
11.11 Division for Blind and Handicapped Service Program and Sub-Lending Agency Service Agreement SEES-02
11.21a-d Computer and Internet Access and Use SEEQ-02
11.22 Reference E-Mail Procedure SEEQ-03
11.23a Copyright SEEQ-04
11.25 Fax Service for Non-Library Related Transactions SEEQ-06
11.31a-b Display and Exhibit Policy SEPR-02
11.33 Distribution Policy for Brochures, Posters, Gifts SEPR-04
11.34 Children’s Area Appropriate Use Policy SEPR-05
12.01a-c Friends of the Marathon County Public Library CLG-01
12.02a-g Marathon County Public Library Foundation CLG-02
13.01a-c Collection Development Policy CD-01
13.02a-g Materials Selection Procedure: Adult Materials; Children’s Materials; Audio-Visual Materials; Periodical Materials CD-02
13.03 Weeding the Collection Policy CD-03
13.04a-b Donation Policy CD-04
13.05 Donation Procedures CD-05
13.06 Complaint Policy for Materials Collection CD-06
13.07a-c Complaint Procedure for Materials Collection CD-07
13.08a-b Friends of Marathon County Public Library Book Sale Policy CD-08
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