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Policies & Procedures: CHAPTER 7: Administrative Management

07.01: Administration of Library (AMOM-01)
07.02 a-b: Organizational Chart (AMOM-02)
07.03: Emergency Governance (AMOM-03)
07.08a‐b: Workshop, Conference, and Meeting Attendance Policy (AMOM-08)
07.09a-b: Workshop, Conference, and Meeting Authorization Form (AMOM-09)
07.10a-c: Authorization and Travel Expense Statement (AMOM-10)
07.11: Public Relations Policy (AMOM-11)
07.21: Injuries/Accidents – Public - Reporting (AMPER-02)
07.27: Volunteer Program Policy (AMPER-08)
07.28a-c: Volunteer Application Form (AMPER-09)
07.29: Intern Program Policy (AMPER-10)
07.40: Expenditure Authorization (AMFIS-01)
07.44a-b: Fixed Assets Quadrants (AMFIS-05)
07.45: Fund Raising Policy (AMFIS-06)
07.50a-h: Privacy of Library Records and Library Use (AMFIS-07)
07.55a-b: Naming Rights Policy (AMPRO-55)
07.56: Photo/Video Release Policy (AMPRO-56)
07.57 a-b: Behavior in the Library Policy (AMPRO-57)
07.57A a-c: Banning Procedure (AMPRO-57A)
07.58: Police Assistance (AMPRO-58)
07.59a-d: Unattended Customer Policy (AMPRO-59)
07.60a-b: Programming Planning and Development Policy (AMPRO-60)
07.61a-b: Video Surveillance Policy (AMVID-61)
07.62 a-c: Animals in the Library Policy (AMAILP-62)
07.63 a-f: Branch Library Establishment and Dissolution Policy (AMBLEAD-63)
07.64: Unexpected Closures Policy (AMOM-64)
07.65 a-c: Unexpected Closures Procedure (AMOM-65)