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Policies & Procedures: Event Planning

04.11a-b: Library Initiated Programs as a Resource, An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (LS-11)
07.11: Public Relations Policy (AMOM-11)
07.45: Fund Raising Policy (AMFIS-06)
07.56: Photo/Video Release Policy (AMPRO-56)
07.57 a-b: Behavior in the Library Policy (AMPRO-57)
07.57A a-c: Banning Procedure (AMPRO-57A)
07.59a-d: Unattended Customer Policy (AMPRO-59)
07.60a-b: Programming Planning and Development Policy (AMPRO-60)
08.01a-h: Meeting Room Policy (FMPRO-01)
10.30: Book Club Procedure (CIBCP-01)
11.01: Storytime Policy (SEPRO-01)
11.03: School and Group Visits to the Library (SEPRO-03)