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Apply for a Library Card

MCPL library cards

During the library's limited re-opening (following our COVID-19 closure), you may use this form to apply for a library account. 

A library card from MCPL provides home access to Wisconsin's Digital Library and many other Online Resources, as well as the ability to request library items for curbside pickup.

Once your application is approved (we will email or call), you may pick up your library card (1) at MCPL Wausau's drive thru during curbside pickup hours (no appointment required), or (2) at MCPL branches by appointment.

If you already have a library account, but it's expired, please contact us instead of using this form.

Your identification

You (or your parent / legal guardian if less than 18 years old) will need to present a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.) when you pick up your library card.

Contact information

Would you like to receive email notifications of library events?

Home address

Please note: You will need to present proof of the address above when you pick up your card. If your ID does not show current information, please bring other proof of address.


Please note: Unsure of your municipality? Look it up by your address.

Parent / legal guardian

If the person above is less than 18 years old, their parent / legal guardian must apply on behalf of the child and complete the following:


By submitting this form, you agree to the following statement:

I agree to obey all library rules and regulations, to promptly pay all charges incurred by this card, and to give immediate notice of any address/name change or card loss. I understand I will be unable to borrow library materials or use certain other library resources without presenting this card or other acceptable identification.

If applying on behalf of a child: As the parent or legal guardian of the child identified on this form, I understand that I am responsible for this child’s (1) selection and return of library materials, (2) use of library computers and other resources, and (3) repayment of any library fines or fees incurred.