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New Books: For Adults

Potions are for pushovers

Potions are for pushovers Tamara Berry

Publisher's description: It may have been a ghost that led Eleanor Wilde to set up shop in a quaint English village. (2019-11-26)

Love life

Love life Laura Schlessinger

Publisher's description: For over thirty years, New York Times bestselling author and #2 Sirius Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been doling out no-nonsense relationship and family advice, advocating a strong sense of personal responsibility, to the delight of her millions of followers ...

This difficult thing of being human

This difficult thing of being human Bodhipaksa Sering

Publisher's description: Bodhipaksa provides both the why and the how of mindful self-compassion, drawing on contemporary psychology and neuroscience and also on Buddhist psychology, weaving the modern and ancient together into a coherent whole. (2019-11-12)

The foreclosure survival guide

The foreclosure survival guide Amy Loftsgordon

Publisher's description: Facing foreclosure? Put together a plan. Take action. When you’re in foreclosure, there’s no time to waste. You need to know your options and The Foreclosure Survival Guide’s can help. You’ll learn how to: determine whether you should try to keep your house ...

The dog who knew too much

The dog who knew too much Krista Davis

Publisher's description: When a famous pooch comes to Wagtail for some downtime, inn owner Holly Miller learns that murder never rests in this all-new Paws & Claws mystery in the New York Times bestselling series. America's favorite dog comes to pet-friendly Wagtail for some rest ...

Haunted house murder

Haunted house murder

Publisher's description: Tricks and treats keep the Halloween spirit alive in coastal Maine. But this year the haunted house theme is getting carried a little too far in these works by Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross. (2019-08-27)


Janis Holly George-Warren

Publisher's description: Janis Joplin’s first transgressive act was to be a white girl who gained an early sense of the power of the blues, music you could only find on obscure records and in roadhouses along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. (2019-10-22)

I really needed this today

I really needed this today Hoda Kotb

Publisher's description: From New York Times-bestselling author and Today show anchor Kotb comes an inspiring collection of quotes--drawn from her own personal favorites featured on her 1 million+ Instagram account--that offer wisdom, courage, and hope. and hope. (2020-01-18)


Disasterama Alvin Orloff

Publisher's description: A compelling memoir of social life in the queer underground of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles at a time when the manic frivolity of gay rights and youth collided with the deadly reality of plague. (2019-10-08)

Good things out of Nazareth

Good things out of Nazareth Flannery OConnor

Publisher's description: A literary treasure of over 100 unpublished letters from National Book Award-winning author Flannery O'Connor and her circle of extraordinary friends which explores such themes as creativity, faith, suffering, and writing. (2019-10-15)

Beyond the known

Beyond the known Andrew Andrew Alan Rader

Publisher's description: From brilliant young polymath Andrew Rader—an MIT-credentialed scientist, popular podcast host, and SpaceX mission manager—an illuminating chronicle of exploration that spotlights humans’ insatiable desire to continually push into new and uncharted territory, from civilization’s earliest days to current planning for interstellar travel. For ...