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New Books: For Children

Yasmin the fashionista

Yasmin the fashionista Saadia Faruqi

Publisher's description: While her parents are out to dinner, a bored Yasmin decides to try on some of her mother's clothes, including her new shalwar kameez, which gets ripped--but with the help of Nana, Nani, and a glue-gun, the garment gets fixed, and Yasmin puts ...


Caribou Cari Meister

Publisher's description: In Caribou, beginning readers will follow a caribou in the wild as it migrates to find food. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they learn how caribou survive in the wild. (2018-09-21)


Destroyers Matt Scheff

Publisher's description: Little Pebble books have an ATOS level of 1.0 or below. The Capstone Interactive edition comes with simultaneous access for every student in your school and includes read aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists. (2018-08-01)

Fluttershy balances the scales

Fluttershy balances the scales Sadie Chesterfield

Publisher's description: In an exhilarating expansion to the My Little Pony world, the characters you know and love are off on brand new adventures! More details to come, but this story will feature Fluttershy in Seaquestria! ©2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. (2018-07-31)

Pie is for sharing

Pie is for sharing Stephanie Parsley Ledyard

Publisher's description: You're invited to a glorious Fourth of July picnic where you'll learn all about sharing, the good things along with the bad. (2018-05-15)

Bigger than you

Bigger than you Hyewon Kyung

Publisher's description: This engaging tale is perfectly pitched for preschoolers and for fans of Byron Barton’s Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and Jane Yolen’s How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (2018-07-31)

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Libby Romero

Publisher's description: Learn all about the revolutionary life of one of America's most popular historic figures. (2018-09-21)

Stop go yes no

Stop go yes no Mike Twohy

Publisher's description: Don't miss this funny picture book about opposites from celebrated New Yorker cartoonist Mike Twohy. The cat stops. The dog goes. Dog says yes! Cat . . . no. (2018-08-14)

Kitten Construction Company

Kitten Construction Company John Green

Publisher's description: All Marmalade wants to do is build things. She is, after all, a trained architect. She’s also a distractingly adorable kitten. Fed up with not being taken seriously because she's so cute,Marmalade bands together with a handful of other aspiring builders—all of themkittens. ...

Summer supper

Summer supper Rubin Pfeffer

(description unavailable)

Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral English

Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral English Heinrich Bll

Publisher's description: "A tourist spots a fisherman napping in his boat and tells him what he could achieve if he spent more time fishing, but it's the tourist who ultimately learns something"-- (2018-09-21)

Guide to genealogy

Guide to genealogy Tamara J Resler

Publisher's description: Inspired by the growing ancestry and DNA-testing crazes, this guide helps readers dig into the past and learn more about their own family history. (2018-09-21)


Armadillos Cari Meister

Publisher's description: In Armadillos, beginning readers will follow an armadillo in the wild as it digs a burrow and stays safe from predators. (2018-06-15)

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Matt Doeden

Publisher's description: "The National Football League is the most popular sports league in the United States, and the Super Bowl is its grandest stage. Explore the history of the Super Bowl from the gutsy defensive stands to the game-winning touchdown throws." (2018-09-21)

On the news

On the news Jillian Roberts

Publisher's description: Using illustrations, full-color photographs and straightforward text, this nonfiction picture book introduces the topics of tragedy and disaster to young readers. (2018-09-04)

Halloween adventures

Halloween adventures

(description unavailable)

The showstopper

The showstopper Mary Casanova

Publisher's description: After a series of odd mishaps befall a young Broadway actress, Rebecca decides to find out if someone is trying to keep the starlet off the stage. (2018-02-19)

Dont forget Dexter

Dont forget Dexter Lindsay Ward

Publisher's description: When his best friend, Jack, leaves him behind at the doctor's office, Dexter T. Rexter panics. First he tries to find Jack. Then he sings their special song. Then he sings their special song even louder. (2018-09-21)