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New Books: For Children

The following is a selection of fiction and nonfiction books recently added to the library's juvenile collection.

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Cover Image: Footballs best traditions and weirdest superstitions

Football's best traditions and weirdest superstitions Smith, Elliott

"Going to a football game? Wish the players on the latest Madden NFL game cover a little extra luck. And see if you can spot the 12th Man at a Texas A&M game-they should be easy to find. But first, gear up to discover the ins and outs of good fun and good luck in football. With engaging text and striking photos, this book will delight young sports fan with some of the best and weirdest practices on the field and in the stands"--

Cover Image: The world turned upside down: the Yorktown victory that won Americas independence

The world turned upside down: the Yorktown victory that won America's independence Grove, Tim

"In October 1781, American, French, and British forces converged on a small village named Yorktown--a place that the British would try to forget and Americans would forever remember. In his riveting, balanced, and thoroughly researched account of the Revolutionary War's last pivotal conflict, author-historian Tim Grove follows the true stories of American, French, and British players, whose lives intersected at Yorktown. Through very different viewpoints--from General George Washington to the notorious traitor Benedict Arnold, from young French hero Lafayette to British General Lord Cornwallis, and an enslaved man named James who became a spy, 'The World Turned Upside Down' tells the story of bold decisions made by famous military leaders, as well as the everyday courage shown by civilians. For every side involved, the world forever turned upside down at Yorktown."--

Cover Image: Everyone feels angry sometimes

Everyone feels angry sometimes Owen, Daniela

Anger is a BIG feeling ... But it's also a normal feeling that could be hard to get under control, especially for children. "Everyone Feels Angry Sometimes" is a self-help guide that provides children with the much-needed tool kit of techniques to help them learn how to control their anger levels, as well as teaches them important lessons surrounding mental health. --

Cover Image: Sweet dreams mis hijos: inspiring bedtime stories about Latino leaders = historias inspiradoras de líderers Latinos

Sweet dreams mis hijos: inspiring bedtime stories about Latino leaders = historias inspiradoras de líderers Latinos Tzintzún Ramirez, Cristina

"Thoroughly engaging stories about amazing trailblazers include contemporary figures in many fields, from science and business to journalism and visual arts. Five-minute biographies provide an interesting window into each person's origins and accomplishments, as well as describing the way their heritage factored into their lives. Curious readers will discover: which Supreme Court justice was called Aji (hot pepper) by her family when she was a girl; how Julián and Joaquín Castro's mother set the stage for her twin boys to go into politics; why Jorege Ramos never stops asking "why?"; Desi Arnaz's secret to making sitcom history on TV; and many more insights into these, and other, amazing lives. From current stars like Lin Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez to icons such as Dolores Huerta and Desi Arnaz, readers will learn about extraordinary people from different backgrounds who made their mark in a wide range of fields."--Provided by publisher.

Cover Image: We listen to our bodies

We listen to our bodies Bowers, Lydia

"Our bodies let us know if we feel unsafe or might be in danger and can tell us when we are calm or need healthy touch. In this story, Mr. B helps Deja understand what her body is telling her by asking her to describe what her body is feeling"--

Cover Image: Fiercest feuds: 5 books in 1!

Fiercest feuds: 5 books in 1! Pallotta, Jerry

Ten fierce animals battle it out in this exciting bind-up featuring five books in this action-packed animal series! Which dangerous animals would win in a fight? Find out in this awesome bind-up of five books in the popular Who Would Win? series. The collection features a range of mammals, sea creatures, reptiles, and birds to satisfy all kinds of animal fans, including Falcon vs. Hawk, Hyena vs. Honey Badger, Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra, Tarantula vs. Scorpion, and Whale vs. Giant Squid. Kids will learn about each animal's anatomy, behavior, and more alongside photos, charts, illustrations, and amazing facts.

Cover Image: We check in with each other

We check in with each other Bowers, Lydia

"This second book in a series covering consent themes helps children understand that consent can always be revoked, which means changing our minds. The story follows Harrison and his preschool classmates as they check in with themselves and each other to see if they are still having fun and feeling safe"--

Cover Image: We are in charge of our bodies

We are in charge of our bodies Bowers, Lydia

"In this sixth book in the We Say What's Okay series, children realize they have agency over their bodies and that they have the power to make decisions for themselves, as well as stay safe"-- "Support young children as they learn the importance of setting physical boundaries. Being in charge of one's body is a key foundation of consent. We Are in Charge of Our Bodies builds children's social and emotional skills and helps with setting physical boundaries. The sixth book in the We Say What's Okay series, We Are in Charge of Our Bodies follows Jackson and his classmates as they learn the names for their private body parts, that they can say what's okay for their bodies, and why it's important to respect others' bodies. Using the book as a read-aloud, educators and families can model language to help children as they learn how to set and respect physical boundaries. The author, who hosts workshops and trainings on teaching boundaries and consent for families and early childhood educators around the country, offers additional activities in the back of the book. We Are in Charge of Our Bodies includes an introduction to adult readers about the book's topic. Digital content features a letter to share with teachers and families and a song from Peaceful Schools with downloadable audio files and sheet music. We Say What's Okay Series Centered around a class of preschoolers, this series helps teach young children the social and emotional skills they need to understand the complexities of consent. Each book covers a consent theme, such as how to recognize the physical sensations that emotions create, look for body language cues, ask for and listen to choices, and know that our bodies have value. With believable, everyday situations and diverse characters, children can see themselves and others reflected in each story-and develop a vocabulary to communicate consent and feelings. Every book in the series is accompanied by its own song from Peaceful Schools with downloadable audio files and sheet music"--

Cover Image: Native American celebrations and ceremonies

Native American celebrations and ceremonies James, Trisha

"Native American celebrations are packed with symbolic gestures and intriguing details. A kind of party called a potlatch, staged by native peoples of the Pacific Northwest, was marked by guests receiving gifts, not giving them, and were sometimes observed to get back at an enemy. This . . . volume about a high-interest aspect of native cultures highlights several celebrations like the potlatch as well as ceremonies important to Native Americans across North America"--Provided by publisher.

Cover Image: A rovers story

A rover's story Warga, Jasmine

Built to explore Mars, Resilience begins to develop human-like feelings as he learns from the NASA scientists who assembled him, and as he blasts off and explores Mars, Resilience must overcome different obstacles as he explores the red planet.

Cover Image: Scotland

Scotland Spanier, Kristine

In this book, readers will learn about the unique and defining features of Scotland. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they learn more about the key details of the country, including geography, climate, culture, and resources. Compelling questions encourage further inquiry"--

Cover Image: Elephants

Elephants Bishop, Nic

"Few animals are more impressive than elephants. They are by far the biggest of all land animals. And yet, elephants are more than mighty. They are sensitive and intelligent creatures who live in large, caring family societies run by females. They have extraordinary senses and communicate in complex ways that scientists are only now starting to understand. Elephants play an essential role in the delicate African and Asian ecosystems. Today, elephant populations in both Africa and Asia are being threatened. Award-winning author, photographer, and naturalist Nic Bishop gives readers an in-depth look at one of the world's smartest and most fascinating animals"--

Cover Image: The missing magic

The missing magic Elliott, Rebecca

Unicorn Bo and friends attend the Big Festival of Magic hoping to show off their magical skills, but when all the magic goes missing they must find a way to find and return the magic.

Cover Image: The moon is more than a night-light

The moon is more than a night-light Wells, Robert E

"Have you ever wondered how the moon was formed or why it changes shape in the sky? The moon's story began 4.5 billion years ago, but it continues to affect everything we do today, from weather to timekeeping. Award-winning science author Robert E. Wells explains how and why the moon matters in our lives-and for the future of space exploration"--

Cover Image: Mega-Predators of the past

Mega-Predators of the past Stewart, Melissa

"It is time for T. rex and his dinosaur cousins to step aside and let other mega-predators like the terror bird and the giant ripper lizard take the spotlight! Travel back to prehistoric times and meet some of the most impressive creatures to ever roam the Earth. You'll be amazed at the size and the fierceness of these lesser-known predators, many of them ancient ancestors of animals that we still see today. tewart's cheeky, humorous voice--along with a comical version of the familiar "comparison man"--put these creatures in perspective. Artist and former zoologist Howard Gray brings these predators (back) to life with dynamic, humorous, and scientifically accurate illustrations. Sidebars and extensive back matter material provide more detailed information and context."-- Amazon.

Cover Image: Luminous: living things that light up the night

Luminous: living things that light up the night Kuo, Julia

"Kids 4 to 8 will marvel at the brightly glowing creatures and other living organisms in this stunning, poetic, and science-based exploration of bioluminescence. When it's dark out, we need light to see. But what if your body could make its own light? From acclaimed author-illustrator Julia Kuo comes a remarkable picture book about bioluminescence, the light made from living things, and its many forms: fireflies and foxfire, fungi and glow-worms, deep-sea fish and vampire squids. Kuo's radiant art portrays a young child and adult discovering different bioluminescent creatures, accompanied by simple lyrical text and informative sidebars that reveal fascinating scientific facts about each of them. An introduction to an extraordinary natural phenomenon, Luminous shines a light upon how truly wondrous the world is. Luminous features: Brilliant and unique illustrations: The depiction of vibrant bioluminescent species against an unusual black backdrop creates an unforgettable visual experience for readers. The science of bioluminescence: Shares the real-life magic of bioluminescence with sidebars about the various places and species in which bioluminescence is found. Text can be read on two levels: Kuo's simple and poetic narrative is accompanied by scientific facts about bioluminescence."--

Cover Image: A day in the life of a caveman, a queen and everything in between

A day in the life of a caveman, a queen and everything in between Barfield, Mike

Featuring a day in the life of early humans as they paint woolly mammoths on the walls of a cave, a fierce gladiator battling in the Colosseum and a codebreaker at Bletchley Park during World War II. And not forgetting the animals of history - from a day in the life of Hannibal's war elephant marching over the Alps and an Egyptian cat (worshipped as a god, of course) to a Galapagos tortoise who meets Charles Darwin on his famous voyage of the Beagle and Ham the space chimp. Readers can also discover the bigger picture behind famous constructions, including Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China and the Acropolis, and delve into the secret diaries of a swashbuckling pirate, a knight's horse and Edward Jenner's milkmaid.

Cover Image: Ring-tailed lemur princesses: rulers of the troop

Ring-tailed lemur princesses: rulers of the troop Jaycox, Jaclyn

"Screech! A female ring-tailed lemur screams loudly. It is a warning for an intruder to stay away. Females lead ring-tailed lemur troops. They hunt, defend their territories, and care for young. Take a close look at ring-tailed lemurs and the important roles princesses play to ensure a troop's survival"--

Cover Image: Stellarlune

Stellarlune Messenger, Shannon

With her friends divided and scattered, and the Black Swan wanting her to focus on their projects, Sophie is led in a different direction to Stellarlune, which might be their salvation or destruction, and learns the true meaning of power--and evil.

Cover Image: Do bears poop in the woods?

Do bears poop in the woods? Lewis-Jones, Huw

"We'll go deep into the woods, climb mountains and visit icy polar landscapes to get to know the eight different types of bear. From sun bears to sloth bears, polar to panda, this field guide is packed with facts, fun and everything there is to know about bears."--

Cover Image: Mr. McCloskeys marvelous mallards: the making of Make way for ducklings

Mr. McCloskey's marvelous mallards: the making of Make way for ducklings Smith, Emma Bland

"As soon as artist Robert McCloskey saw the ducks in Boston Public Garden, he knew he had to write about them. But how? Studying stuffed birds didn't help... As the ducklings grew, he got down on his hands and knees and followed them with pad and pencil. At times he even acted like a duck! Through revision, after revision, Robert improved the art and story, until he and his editor were finally satisfied."--

Cover Image: Snot, sneezes and super-spreaders: everything you need to know about viruses and how to stop them

Snot, sneezes and super-spreaders: everything you need to know about viruses and how to stop them Horst, Marc ter

"Discover the extraordinary world of viruses, from their creation and transmission to vaccination. If we didn't know it before, we certainly know it now: viruses can be powerful--so powerful, in fact, that they can hold the world in their grip for months at a time. But what exactly is a virus? Where do they come from and what do they do to our bodies? How do they spread, and what can we do to protect ourselves? Author Marc ter Horst tackles these questions with playfulness and humor, while Wendy Panders's quirky and enlightening illustrations bring the text to life. Covering everything from COVID-19 and vaccines to diseases from the past, Snot, Sneezes, and Super-Spreaders is an accessible, engaging, and science-based guide to help young readers understand our current world."--

Cover Image: All about Vietnam: projects & activities for kids, learn about Vietnamese culture with stories, songs, crafts & games

All about Vietnam: projects & activities for kids, learn about Vietnamese culture with stories, songs, crafts & games Tran, Phuoc Thi Minh

Vietnam's rich history, colorful culture and diverse ethnic groups spring to life beginning with a brief look at the nation's history, from the ancient kings to the tumultuous changes of the war years. In present-day, tour an on-the-go nation, use the recipes to make authentic dishes, hear popular folk tales and legends told to Vietnamese children, learn the language, and join the trong com dancers. Kids will get an inside look at a country and culture, while learning through fun, hands-on activities.

Cover Image: Scotland

Scotland Klepeis, Alicia

"Engaging images accompany information about Scotland. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--

Cover Image: Welcome to Mexico with Sesame Street

Welcome to Mexico with Sesame Street Peterson, Christy

"Readers discover the big cities, tropical rain forests, and colorful celebrations of Mexico alongside their Sesame Street pals. Learn about popular foods such as beans and tortillas, how Mexican families honor their ancestors, and more"--

Cover Image: Bolivia

Bolivia Rohan, Rebecca Carey

"Where can you drive the world's most dangerous highway, see one of the world's rarest birds, and visit the birthplace of Andean civilization? Bolivia! It's one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, where visitors can explore caves, climb mountains, trek across salt flats, and explore lowland rain forests. Bolivia also boasts a lively culture, with the largest percentage of indigenous people in South America sharing their traditions alongside thriving modern industries. Age-appropriate text, colorful photographs, and factual sidebars engage young readers as they learn about the nation's many facets, including geography, history, government, economy, people, religion, and culture"--

Cover Image: Canada

Canada Gould, Sloane

"Embark on a journey to the Great White North! This book transports readers to Canada through visually engaging photographs and fun facts. Readers will learn about the geography of Canada, from its many lakes to the icy tundra. The history and government of Canada are explained in accessible ways that will keep readers interested. Readers can explore the traditions, festivals, foods, and fun found in Canada through exciting text, as well as additional sidebars and fact boxes. This book is a celebration of Canada's special land and cultures"--

Cover Image: A leopard diary: my journey into the hidden world of a mother and her cubs

A leopard diary: my journey into the hidden world of a mother and her cubs Eszterhas, Suzi

"Leopards are known for being shy and elusive, and leopard mothers are even more so. Imagine, then, having the rare opportunity to follow and photograph a mother leopard and her cubs. When world-renowned nature photographer Suzi Eszterhas was given the chance to do so, she jumped on a plane to Botswana. And through this collection of informative diary entries and stunning photos, readers are able to share this rare privilege. This compelling chronical of Suzi's time following a female leopard spans roughly a year and a half, but between the informative first-person observations and the photos of rarely seen moments in the wild, the time flies by. The story begins with Suzi arriving at the Jao Reserve in Botswana's Okavango Delta and meeting Kambango, the local tracker and guide who would become her close friend and whose knowledge and expertise she relies on throughout. They go immediately to the mother leopard's den where, after waiting patiently for a number of hours, Suzi catches her first glimpse of the newborn cubs and her joy is palpable. From here on, readers are along for wild ride that is sometimes bumpy (such as a dramatic close encounter with the mother who feared for her cubs' safety), sometimes smooth (the entries and photo captions are rich with observations of the cubs' behavior as they grow up, as well as more general information about leopard behaviour) and sometimes even a bit uncomfortable (such as the grim reality of having to watch the cubs learn to hunt by practicing on a wounded kudu calf). Throughout the whole diary, though, the excitement in Suzi's voice is clear, and her entries are full of her sense of wonder and respect for these amazing and secretive animals. Endmatter includes a Q&A with Kambango, who played such an essential role in this adventure, as well as a glossary of terms."--

Cover Image: Platos Academy and the eternal key

Plato's Academy and the eternal key Gray, Ali

After the death of his grandfather, Charlie discovers a letter that leads to the museum in search of a scroll. He follows the instructions from the letter and finds himself in Ancient Greece. Before Charlie can return home, he will need to pass the Oracle's tests but first he will need to stay alive.

Cover Image: Geckos dont blink!

Geckos don't blink! Tills, Kelly

Do geckos blink their eyes? No! They lick them to keep them clean. Check out all the groovy colors geckos can see at night. Written in an interactive format to practically guarantee giggles.

Cover Image: Snakes have no legs!

Snakes have no legs! Tills, Kelly

Can a snake wear shoes? No! But they sure can win a race. Learn how snakes can slither up trees, on land and even in the water. Written in an interactive format to practically guarantee giggles. For ages 0-4 and emerging readers up to 1st or 2nd grade level.

Cover Image: Pigs never sweat!

Pigs never sweat! Tills, Kelly

"Do pigs get stinky sweaty? No! Pigs get muddy. Mud jackets look cool on pigs and protect their skin from the hot sun. Written in an interactive format to practically guarantee giggles."--Back cover

Cover Image: Jurassic sky: Dyslexia friendly book for kids

Jurassic sky: Dyslexia friendly book for kids Evans, Melissa

Jurassic Sky takes kids into a world where they meet two flying pterosaurs who are eager to overcome their struggles. This story will teach kids with dyslexia that they are capable of doing things that they might think they will never be able to do.

Cover Image: Cows have no top teeth

Cows have no top teeth Tills, Kelly

Do cows whistle a tune? No! But they sure have a lovely smile. Learn all about how cows chew and graze all day. Written in an interactive format to practically guarantee giggles. For ages 0-4 and emerging readers up to 1st or 2nd grade level.

Cover Image: Turtles have secret ears!

Turtles have secret ears! Tills, Kelly

Can a turtle wear headphones? No! But they'd be good drummers. In this light-hearted picture book about turtles, learn about all the different types of sounds turtles can hear, and make.

Cover Image: Winter blunderland

Winter blunderland Patterson, James

"When Rafe Khatchadorian goes on a trip to Alaska, he's in for a blundering adventure that includes building igloos, racing across icebergs, and coming face-to-face with a polar bear"--

Cover Image: D.A.R.E. detectives: the mystery on Lovett Lane

D.A.R.E. detectives: the mystery on Lovett Lane Gillingham, Robin

"Do you like a good mystery? Or perhaps you like to hunt for clues? In this book, you can join the D.A.R.E. Detectives working on a case down Lovett Lane. There are strange noises and smells. There are crazy nights when people are scattering around the yard of an old, blue run-down house. There is also a great group of friends who form a strong bond with a girl down the street. Join Ed, Rita, Don, Anna, and Mary to help work on the case! Through the book, you’ll be excited to see what’s next and have a hard time stopping at the end of each chapter. With lots of excitement and strange happenings, you’ll learn how real detectives handle a case. You may even solve the mystery before they do! With short, easy-to-read sentences, you’ll breeze through 10 chapters, become friends with all the characters, and want to read more when it’s over. Finding success in reading is of major importance for children, and in this book, you will find: Decodable words that are easy to sound out Phonetic practice with digraphs and blends Age-appropriate reading concepts Fluency building passages Short sentences to bring ease and flow to reading Sight words that are quickly recognized Reading competency is a skill that’s always great to practice, and the more you practice, the better reader you become. This book is perfect for children 8-12 and is designed to help with not just common reading struggles but will help those with Dyslexia as well. The chapters are written so you won’t get overwhelmed with paragraph length, and the easy-to-decode words will build your reading rate before you know it! While you read, don’t forget to monitor your reading, check for understanding, and always ask for help if you don’t know the meaning of a word. Go ahead, join the adventures of these five friends, and enjoy reading!"