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New Books: For Teens


Snowhook Jo Storm

Publisher's description: Trapped with her family in a remote cabin without power, Hannah figures it will be fun to practice her survival skills as they wait out the ice storm. (2019-01-26)

Tongari bshi no atorie English

Tongari bshi no atorie English Kamome Shirahama

Publisher's description: In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream- She wants to be a witch. (2019-06-25)


Activist Lauren Hogg

Publisher's description: Why am I still here?” All they could do was urge her to put her lessons to work. She has done that here, by telling her own story in this powerful graphic novel about that fateful day—and beyond. (2019-11-05)

Fighting invisible tigers

Fighting invisible tigers Earl Hipp

Publisher's description: "Book for teens teaches proven techniques and stress management skills to face the rigors of growing up. (2019-09-10)

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Vol 1 Spider-geddon

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Vol 1 Spider-geddon Seanan McGuire

Publisher's description: With her life in jeopardy from all sides, is there a reason we're calling her Ghost-Spider?! COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST-SPIDER 1-4 (2019-05-21)

The black mage

The black mage Daniel Daniel Howard Barnes

Publisher's description: Harry Potter meets Final Fantasy in this subversive original graphic novel where race, history and magic collide. (2019-08-13)

The mortal instruments

The mortal instruments Cassandra Clare

Publisher's description: The story continues in this third installment of the graphic novel adaptation of Cassandra Clare's bestselling The Mortal Instruments!With art by Cassandra Jean, the characters of The Mortal Instruments come alive and the plot thickens. (2019-10-29)

Tin heart

Tin heart Shivaun Plozza

Publisher's description: Bestselling author of All the Bright Places Jennifer Niven calls emerging talent Shivaun Plozza’s charming and romantic second YA novel, Tin Heart, “from cover to cover swoon-worthy, moving, deep, and funny”! When Marlowe gets a heart transplant and a second chance at life, ...

Star Wars TIE fighter

Star Wars TIE fighter Jody Houser

Publisher's description: But how far is this untested team willing to go to preserve law and order? And are the pilots of Shadow Wing as loyal to the Empire as they seem? COLLECTING: STAR WARS: TIE FIGHTER #1-5 (2019-10-15)