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101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

Cover: '101 Ways To Go Zero Waste'

Staff Review: "101 Ways To Go Zero Waste" by Kathryn Kellogg


Are you tired of taking out the trash? Does it bother you that only nine percent of plastic is actually recycled? That it takes three liters of water to produce once liter of bottled water? Everyone is familiar with the saying: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. What Kathryn Kellogg emphasizes in this guide is that recycle comes last. First, what can you do to reduce and reuse?

Kellogg encourages change on an individual level. Start by monitoring your trash. What things that you throw away every day could you change to be more sustainable? Some steps will take more work than others, and you have the freedom to consider what is sustainable to you. I found many of the suggestions in this guide easy to do and overall supportive of a healthier lifestyle!

Even small changes like drinking tap water instead of bottled water, bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store, and not using a straw at restaurants can make a big impact. As consumers, we have the power to decide what products to buy or not buy. Going zero waste is a gradual change for most people. Kellogg’s guidance is helpful in navigating that change.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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