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500 Miles From You

Cover: '500 Miles From You'

Staff Review: "500 Miles From You" by Jenny Colgan


This newest installment in the Scottish Bookshop series introduces readers to Lissie, an overworked nurse in London who witnesses a truly traumatic event. Suffering from PTSD afterwards and finding no relief as time goes on, she is encouraged by her supervisor to swap places with a nurse in a quiet Scottish town, hoping it will be the rest and recovery Lissie needs. Swapping places with her is Cormack, who's not at all used to the busy streets of London (or driving on them!). As they trade places and patient information, they slowly form a bond as each grows and recovers from past events. 

I loved being able to revisit some of my favorite places in London and building on my wanderlust for Scotland, and immediately got attached to all of the endearing characters the author introduced in this novel. I also loved hearing snippets from the characters I had grown to love from the first two books in this Scottish Bookshop series, which I also highly recommend! The only thing I didn't love about it was that it ended too soon, in my opinion. This author has a tendency to make you so attached to the characters that you can't help wanting to know more about their lives once they're settled and end up 'happily ever after'! A cozy and comforting read!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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