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The 5th Wave

Cover: 'The 5th Wave'

Staff Review: "The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey


Cassie’s world is under assault by alien intruders. It is a world without electricity, which was knocked out by the first wave. The coasts were decimated by tsunamis in the second. Third was a bioweapon in the form of an illness with a 97% kill rate. The fourth wave is Silencers—assassins who exterminate any humans who survived. Cassie is convinced that only the lone wolf has any chance to survive, and she’s started to wonder if she could be the last human on earth. Paranoia, her Luger, M-16 assault rifle, and her knife increase her chances of survival. She’s learned the hard way to trust no one. On her quest to find her younger brother, Sammy, whom she last saw departing for a military installation, she meets Evan Walker. Circumstances force her to reconsider her lone wolf policy, though she’s convinced he’s hiding something from her. Is she safer alone, or it is it time to risk a new alliance? If there is a 5th wave, what form will it take? This thrilling page-turner features a strong, conflicted heroine in Cassie, though there are two compelling male protagonists (Evan and Zombie) who have their turns narrating the action. There’s something for everyone—action, suspense, sacrifice, and emotion in a world where the true nature of humanity is challenged and questioned. It is an excellent read that is difficult to put down, and the movie hits theaters in January 2016, so now is your chance to read the book before you see it. Fans of sci-fi or apocalyptic fiction are likely to enjoy this story of fear, humanity, aliens, and survival.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, science fiction, survival

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