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Absolutely Almost

Cover: 'Absolutely Almost'

Staff Review: "Absolutely Almost" by Lisa Graff


Ten-year-old Albie’s life is a tangled one and the short, episodic chapters in this tween book mimic this.  He is adjusting to a new public school and a new nanny, Calista (whom he’s certain he does not need). Private prep school did not work out and his dad is not happy about it. Albie’s life is full of “almosts”—he almost passes his spelling tests, he’s almost good at tetherball, almost cool at school, and almost makes his parents proud. But what others miss about Albie, especially his parents, are his strengths, the things that make him special. This is an amusing story about a resilient, self-aware boy refusing to let others define who he really is.

Audience: children, teens | Genre: fiction

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