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After You

Cover: 'After You'

Staff Review: "After You" by Jojo Moyes


In this fantastic, heartfelt sequel to "Me Before You", readers meet Louisa in the aftermath of a pivotal and heartbreaking experience. Months before, her life had taken such a drastic turn, and Louisa is left adrift struggling to find herself and live a meaningful life that honors who she lost. I couldn't stop reading this novel! For those that read "Me Before You", I found this to be even better than the first! It was hopeful and filled with Louisa's unique and lovable charm. It brought tears to my eyes, but brought even more laughter and hope for the future. For those that have struggled with traumatic experiences in your own life, I found myself really relating to Louisa's struggle even though my experience was not the same as hers. The author has such a talent for introducing us to beautiful and moving characters, and (for me at least) reaching her readers in such a profound way that when we reach the end of the novel we're a different person than we were before starting. I highly recommend this book, along with the first novel as well, and I recommend readers read them in order to fully appreciate them.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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