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The Airport Book

Cover: 'The Airport Book'

Staff Review: "The Airport Book" by Lisa Brown


Join a young boy, his toddler sister, and their parents as they journey through a busy airport. From leaving the house to experiencing turbulence, and from boarding the plane to the baggage claim, the siblings take you through the entire process of going to the airport and flying on a plane. There is even a fun subplot about the sister's toy monkey and his journey in and out of a suitcase below the plane. The text is straightforward and told from a child's point of view, and Brown provides a diverse set of characters one would most likely see at an airport. Each page has an expansive set of characters and different settings which can seem a little overwhelming, but this only encompasses the hustle and bustle one experiences in an airport. This book is great for any families preparing to take a trip on an airplane or for little ones who are curious about airports.

Audience: children | Genre: nonfiction

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