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All We Ever Wanted

Cover: 'All We Ever Wanted'

Staff Review: "All We Ever Wanted" by Emily Giffin


In the Nashville's wealthy neighborhood of Belle Meade, Nina finds her family at the center of a scandal. Nina was raised in a middle class household, with a strong sense of character and doing the right thing. When she married Kirk, she was introduced to a lavish and wealthy lifestyle where money means everything. It is what their son, Finch, has always known. When Finch is accused of taking an explicit picture of a classmate with a racist comment, Nina is shocked. There is no way her son would do this. He was raised right. But, the more she learns about the girl in the photo and her son's life, the more she begins to see who her husband and her son really are and what they value most. Is it too late to change Finch's character and the path he's headed down? Filled with modern day societal issues, this book leans away from Emily Giffin's usual plot of love and relationships. While there are some elements of love interspersed in the plot, the book took a more serious tone with issues we are facing in modern day America. Recommended for any fans of contemporary fiction or anyone looking for a thought-provoking, yet light read.

Audience: adults | Genre: contemporary fiction

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