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All's Faire in Middle School

Cover: 'All's Faire in Middle School'

Staff Review: "All's Faire in Middle School" by Victoria Jamieson


From the author of Roller Girl comes another tale of middle school and what true friendship looks like. Imogene has been homeschooled her whole life to accommodate her family's involvement in a local Renaissance Faire. Imogene loves the Faire; she helps out in her mother's shop, and aspires to be a knight someday. Imogene decides to give middle school a try instead of homeschooling. It sounds like a great idea at first, but as the first day draws nearer and nearer, Imogene's anxiety about the first day of school escalates. Will the kids think she is weird for liking the Renaissance Faire? Imogene keeps the Faire a secret, and finds she is changing things about herself to fit in. When Imogene has the worst week of her life, she finds herself at a crossroads: does she become a hermit and avoid everyone forever? Or, does she become a knight and save herself and those she hurt along the way? This graphic novel for tweens was a joy to read and Jamieson captures the unease of middle school and fitting in perfectly. The illustrations are a delight and even had me laughing out loud at some points. Recommended for tweens about to start middle school, or any fan of Victoria Jamieson or Raina Telgemeier.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: graphic novel

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