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Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

Cover: 'Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao'

Staff Review: "Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao" by Kat Zhang


Amy Wu is good at a lot of things, but one thing she is not good at is creating the perfect bao, a Chinese steamed bun her family loves to make and eat. Amy, along with her little white cat, are determined to master this difficult recipe. Amy helps her dad mix and knead the dough while her mom cooks the meat filling. Then, it is time to get to assemble the perfect bao. Can Amy get it right this time? Amy's family recipe is shared at the end of the book, and families can try making their own bao together! Recommended for preschoolers and families interested in food, or anyone looking for a story about perseverance and tackling a tough task.

Audience: children | Genre: picture book

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