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Baking with Mary Berry

Cover: 'Baking with Mary Berry'

Staff Review: "Baking with Mary Berry" by Mary Berry


If you have ever watched the popular British cooking show, The Great British Bakeoff, you will know the treasure that this cookbook holds! Mary Berry is a British baking superstar who has made an easy to follow cookbook that will help us all master a sponge cake or a choux pastry. For me, this cookbook has just want I would want to learn and master from Mary Berry. The beginning of the book gives easy step-by-step techniques, with pictures! My limited knowledge of baking will be advanced through this cookbook, as it will provide the necessary skills to make some baking basics, such as, macaroons, cream puffs, and shortbread. Anyone who loves baking or Mary Berry will enjoy this cookbook of baking classics. This may be one that I go out and buy!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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