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Be Prepared

Cover: 'Be Prepared'

Staff Review: "Be Prepared" by Vera Brosgol


Vera is ashamed of her Russian heritage in front of her American girlfriends. She just wants to be as American as they are with their perfectly planned birthday parties and summer camp culture. When she tries to imitate them and utterly fails, she turns to an alternative—Russian camp. At ORRA, maybe she will meet better friends who are like she is for a change. Desperately begging her mother to send her, she pins all her future hopes on the experience. But she quickly learns to be careful what she wishes for. Her days at camp are miserable from day one as she encounters snotty older girls, dismal sanitary conditions, and wildlife a little too close for comfort.

In this graphic novel, author and illustrator Vera Brosgol follows some of the best writing advice ever given: write what you know. She draws from her own childhood camp experiences to create a realistic drama. Readers will sympathize with Vera’s embarrassing situations and learn a lesson from how she perseveres, unexpectedly making one of her best friends at camp after all!

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: graphic novel

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