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Cover: 'Becoming'

Staff Review: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama


Would you like to learn how a little girl from the South Side of Chicago rose above her circumstances to attend Princeton, become a successful lawyer, and eventually the First Lady of the United States?  Michelle Obama did a great job writing her first book about her upbringing, who made her who she is today, and how she stays true to herself through all the years and all the ups and downs. I went into reading her book with little knowledge of how she grew up and what her family background had been. She outlines her life, how her parents shaped how she saw the world and their influence on encouraging her to succeed in whatever she chose to pursue. Her story draws you in as you learn about her heart for service and children, and how she used her role as First Lady to embrace all people. I felt moved and inspired in parts as I made my way through her story.

It was heartening to hear that her story, like many others, started from little but grew to become one of the most influential in the nation. I found that I could relate to her on many levels, being a wife and working mother myself. What I may have appreciated the most was her optimism and outlook on life. She is always looking forward and looking for the best in all, even when it is hard to face the challenges they faces and the leaders of the nation. I listened to the audio book version and Michelle narrates the story. I liked this and felt it to be a more personal telling, as if we were friends sitting down for coffee. This is a great book if you like or dislike Michelle, in order to learn more about what makes her who she is today and as a piece of history. Great read!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir, politics

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