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Beyond the Bright Blue Sea

Cover: 'Beyond the Bright Blue Sea'

Staff Review: "Beyond the Bright Blue Sea" by Lauren Wolk


Home for twelve-year-old Crow, as far as she has ever known, is desolate Elizabeth Island, Massachusetts, with Osh who found her as a baby adrift in a boat at sea, and Miss Maggie, the kind neighbor who lives across the sandbar.  Crow is happy with her life, but she yearns to know where she came from and who her parents are. After witnessing a fire on an island across from theirs, she can’t stop wondering if perhaps that is the place where she was born, but no one really wants to talk about it. The only information she finally discovers is that a colony of lepers used to live on this island, which could explain why everyone else, besides Osh and Maggie, are afraid to touch her or allow her to mingle at school with the other kids. She is determined to brave the sea and travel to this island with or without Maggie and Osh, unafraid of the secrets the island and her heritage might hold, and despite rumors of possible dangerous treasure hunters who are digging up the island. Award-winning author Lauren  Wolk (Wolf Hollow) gives us a tween novel with a strong, likable heroine and an honest look at love, identity, family, and prejudice. I highly recommend it!


Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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