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The Big Bing

Cover: 'The Big Bing'

Staff Review: "The Big Bing" by Stanley Bing


This is a book about office politics and uses humor and self-help recommendations. The author uses information from his own experiences and, although this is an older book, it still has information that can be used today.

The author writes about climbing the corporate ladder and how you should observe your surroundings. Listen to your colleague’s advice while you need to make your own decisions and decide how you are going to handle them. One of the stories that he talks about is that a colleague started to pour himself a cup of coffee, and seems to go into a trance (day dream) and thus over-filled his cup. The coffee ran onto the floor, when one of the other employees said something, he then realized what was happening. Instead of being upset, he makes a comment that was unexpected and made the entire room laugh.

He takes you from the first day of his first job all the way to becoming an experienced professional. What's also nice is the fact that you can read this book a little at time, as it is written as a collection of columns.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, business

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