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Body Language

Cover: 'Body Language'

Staff Review: "Body Language" by Aaron Brehove


I have read a number of books on the "science" of non-verbal communication i.e. "body language" and this book was one of the better ones I have read. Scientists have indicated that most communication occurs non-verbally via body signals which we give out unconsciously. While our words convey some meaning, some studies indicate that non-verbal communication accounts for upwards of 75% of what is conveyed to others. The idea behind the book is that if you are aware of the signals you convey and those others are displaying, a person could be a much better communicator in both your personal and business lives. The layout of the book is excellent in conveying the science of body language. For example, different parts of the body (and their signals) are discussed along with many pictures illustrating the concepts. Concise overviews of body signals are provided.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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