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Born at Midnight

Cover: 'Born at Midnight'

Staff Review: "Born at Midnight" by C.C. Hunter


Follow Kylie Galen on her journey to discovering who/what she is. Kylie seems to be your everyday, normal teenage girl. Her parent's send her off to a summer camp for "troubled" teens. Once there, Kylie's world gets flipped upside down and she soon discovers that the supernatural things seen in movies and read in books are real and that she is in fact a supernatural; the only problem is that nobody seems to know exactly what supernatural being she is. Is she a werewolf, fairy, witch, shape-shifter, vampire? All things point to possibly but no definitive answer. Follow her through the journey to self-discovery with some normal and not-so-normal bumps in the road; a love-triangle with a werewolf and a fairy, rooming with a witch and a vampire, all the while figuring out how to deal with her "normal" parents. This book will leave you wanting more by the end, and luckily there are 5 books in this Shadow Fall series. So if you are just looking for a new series to read, like reading about the supernatural, or are intrigued by this review, give this book a try!

Audience: teens | Genre: ya fiction with adult appeal

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