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Cover: 'Boxitects'

Staff Review: "Boxitects" by Kim Smith


Meg loves to create and build, and boxes are her favorite medium. From tiny house to marvelous castles, she loves her self-appointed role as "Boxitect."

Her mom is very proud of her skills and decides Meg should expand them by attending Maker School. There, she meets other kids who also love to create things out of various items such as blankets, tin-foil, and egg cartons. She is nervous at first, but soon discovers ways to make her projects even more useful and solid and appealing. She also loves that she is the ONLY Boxitect at the school.

Then one day, a new student shows up who is also a Boxitect! And she starts making things Meg has never even thought of! And she seems a bit bossy! A bit of conflict and jealousy soon emerge between the pair. Will the girls learn how to work together in time to create something for the 5th Annual Maker Match? It’s not looking like it! There is a lot of arguing and competition going on between the girls and it ends up causing quite a scene. The clock is running and readers will follow along and find out if the girls can learn how to work as a team before it’s too late.

Kids will find this book fascinating and inspiring, and it offers a wonderful lesson in teamwork. In addition, there are some great instructions and projects at the end of the book so readers can learn how to become a Boxitect themselves. You can expect that your child will be on the hunt for some boxes and masking tape after they read this, so be prepared to have some fun!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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