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Cover: 'Burned'

Staff Review: "Burned" by Thomas Enger


Author Thomas Enger bases this first murder-mystery novel in the series in Oslo, Norway. Fans of Scandinavian authors and their style will be very pleased with this offering by Enger. E-Reporter, Henning Juul, starts back to work after a long absence. He is scarred both physically and emotionally, but a slow, easy start back into his job is not in the cards. His hope to be unobtrusive and invisible barely flickers before it is snuffed out. A horrific murder has just happened. A young college student is dead by stoning and mutilation. Juul is drawn into a web so carefully woven by the author that he is soon running for his life while still processing the fact that his ex-wife is having a relationship with his new work partner. He has become a witness to another murder, a man shot to death while Juul was interviewing him. Can it get any worse for this battered man? Fortunately for us and him, his brain kicks into high gear as he replaces his smoke detector batteries daily. Before his absence he was very, very good at his job and not afraid of fire.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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