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Cover: 'Caged'

Staff Review: "Caged" by Ellison Cooper


In this thrilling and atmospheric new novel by Ellison Cooper, readers meet Sayer Altair, a neuroscientist who ends up being called in as a lead investigator for a brutal murder in Washington D.C. The crime committed? A young woman was left to starve in a cage. When the victim is identified as the daughter of a prominent senator, the case goes public quickly. What follows is an extremely fast- paced police procedural that not only has elements of a typical murder mystery and psychological thriller in it, but also has elements of mythology, real DNA science, and the neurobiology of serial killers in it as well. I found this novel fascinating and one-of-a kind, and read it in just a few hours, non-stop! I loved the main character and the endless twists and turns this novel presented. Even the end of the novel left you wanting to keep reading, so I was extremely excited to see that this is a series!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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