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Cover: 'Carsick'

Staff Review: "Carsick" by John Waters


John Waters, eccentric director of the original Hairspray and Cry Baby, hitchhikes from Baltimore to his apartment in San Francisco, and lives to write a book about his journey! About two-thirds of the book are novellas. The first one details all of the horrible things that Waters thought would happen to him. The second novella describes a best-case scenario, complete with plenty of romantic encounters and oddball characters. Waters recounts his actual hitchhiking experiences in the last third of the book, which are significantly less bizarre and graphic. The fictionalized accounts were interesting, but I wish Waters would have devoted more pages to the actual hitchhiking trip and the real people he met on the road. Readers beware, this book is quite graphic at times, and might be a little much for anyone not familiar with the work of John Waters.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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