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To Catch A Witch

Cover: 'To Catch A Witch'

Staff Review: "To Catch A Witch" by Heather Blake


Darcy Merriweather is a wishcrafter, a witch who can grant other peoples’ wishes. She lives in a cozy Enchanted Village outside of Salem. Darcy runs a concierge company and has been hired to organize a competition called the Wicked Mad Dash by her friend Abby Stillwell.

On the morning of the competition, a blizzard hits the Enchanted Village. While Darcy deals with the blizzard and the competition, her friend, Abby disappears. The town searches for the missing athlete and later finds her dead in the snow. As Darcy investigates the death of Abby, she learns that her friend had a lot of secrets. And those closest to Abby are hiding secrets of their own. As Darcy continues to investigate, she uncovers a possible embezzlement, allegations of cheating by athletes, and secret relationships.

I really enjoyed this book and the entire series. The main character, Darcy is a loving, overly-curious truth-seeker. She sees the best in her family, friends and neighbors. The characters are believable (minus the magic) and take pride in their community and the community members. If you like cozy mysteries with a touch of magic, you will truly enjoy this book.

Audience: adults | Genre: mystery, fiction

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