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Chaotic Good

Cover: 'Chaotic Good '

Staff Review: "Chaotic Good " by Whiteny Gardner


All Cameron wants to do is design clothes. She can knit socks, deconstruct a sweater and sew a straight hem. Designing clothes and costumes for superhero movies is her dream job. But when she visits the local comic shop in her new town, she’s shocked at the way she’s treated when she enters. All she wants is some reference pictures to help her create her portfolio. Instead, she’s ushered to the “girls” section. 

After she complains to her twin brother, he suggests dressing in his clothes and trying again. When this visit results in an invitation to a Dungeons and Dragons game, Cameron jumps in with both feet. But how long can she keep up her disguise when the Dungeon Master is cute and wonderful and her new friends begin to be hurt by her deception? Meanwhile, her blog is blowing up with vicious comments about her cosplay looks. Just because she doesn’t play the game or read the comic doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be able to design a great costume. 

Chaotic Good is a great book with fun, interesting characters and realistic situations that look at the way girls and women are treated in the comic book and gaming world. Brody, the store’s manager, is portrayed as anti-girl, but when confronted about his stereotypes, both he and Cameron realize that there is more going on than just a little jealousy. Cooper and Why (aka Wyatt) are well developed thoughtful characters. But the main story here is Cameron’s understanding about who she is and how a seemingly innocent action can impact everyone around her.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, ya fiction with adult appeal

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