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Christmas Cupcake Murder

Cover: 'Christmas Cupcake Murder'

Staff Review: "Christmas Cupcake Murder" by Joanne Fluke


With the holidays fast approaching, Hannah is busy with baking for her store, The Cookie Jar, and catering holiday parties. Her list continues to grow as her friends and family need some assistance as well, and Hannah is more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Hannah meets a homeless man at The Cookie Jar and is more than willing to give him small jobs for food and cash. A few days later, while helping her mother, Delores and her friend, Carrie, discover the man in an empty storefront near death. After being admitted to the hospital, the man can’t recall who he is, but he does remember how to restore antique furniture! Hannah, her friends and family decide to help John Doe regain his memories. With only a few clues to follow and very little time, Hannah and friends must solve the case of John Doe. 

If you like reading fast cozy mysteries, then this book is for you. This story from the Hannah Swensen series is an “in-between” story that takes place only a couple of years after Hannah opened The Cookie Jar. I enjoy the characters in this series; they are always willing to help anyone in need. As a bonus, this book is full of recipes!

Audience: adults | Genre: mystery

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