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Cover: 'Click'

Staff Review: "Click" by Kayla Miller


Olive seems to be friends with everyone in her 5th grade class. She has friends on the bus, in science class, and on the playground. When Mr. Florez announces the annual 5th Grade Variety Show, Olive is ecstatic! Before she knows it, everyone seems to have a group for the variety show, except Olive. Olive realizes she doesn't belong to a clique. While Olive is friends with everyone, she realizes she hasn't "clicked" with anyone in particular and doesn't have a best friend. With some help from her cool Aunt Molly, Olive learns the true value of friendship and how to "click" with the most important person in Olive's life: herself. This graphic novel is recommended for any fans of Smile and Sisters by Raina Telgemeier and Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson. If you are a tween who loves graphic novels about kids like you, you will love this debut graphic novel by Kayla Miller.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: graphic novel

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