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The Clique

The Teen Review: "The Clique" by Lisi Harrison

Cover: 'The Clique'


This book was amazing! It was something I could really relate to. It had good details. The book was about Claire who moves into Massie's guest House. Massie is the most popular girl in her school with Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan. Massie doesn't like Claire, so then Massie steals Claire's new best friend. Claire strikes back to get revenge on Massie.

This book was a good book to read especially in summer. It really shows how mean girls can get sometimes. A really good thing about this book was that it wasn't boring at all. I couldn't even stop reading it even at night. The bad thing about this book was well I really liked this book and I enjoyed it but it might seem too girly for some people. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great book.

(The Clique series is written by Lisi Harrison. It is recommended by Saira R. for ages 10 through 16.)