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The Cook and the King

Cover: 'The Cook and the King'

Staff Review: "The Cook and the King" by Julia Donaldson, David Roberts


In this new fairy tale, a hungry king needs to find a cook. After trying many cooks and rejecting them all, he ends up with Wobbly Bob. The king then asks for his favorite dish—fish and chips—but Wobbly Bob is “terribly scared” about every aspect of food preparation. The king looks sympathetically on the shaking cook and helps him to prepare the meal. Through the pictures, readers see that the king really enjoys catching the fish and chopping up potatoes for chips. When they finally sit down to eat, he decides Wobbly Bob is the perfect cook for him!

I appreciated the elements borrowed from classic fairy tales present in the repetition of Wobbly Bob’s speech and the tasks of preparing the king’s meal. Colorful, eccentric details in the illustrations - like one fierce-looking cook and a Viking longship - intrigued me as well. Rhyming text makes this a great book to read out loud!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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