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The Dark Lord Clementine

Cover: 'The Dark Lord Clementine'

Staff Review: "The Dark Lord Clementine" by Sarah Jean Horwitz


Being evil has never come naturally to Clementine, the daughter of the Dark Lord Elithor. Clementine, who prefers flowers and sunshine to darkness, wakes up one morning to find her father literally whittling away. Clementine needs to keep the family farm running, while her father locks himself away in his laboratory to find a cure for the curse put upon him by the Whittle Witch. So begins Clementine's journey to save her father and the family.

Along the way, she will discover a cast of characters that includes a boy transfigured into a black sheep, a board of Evil Overlords that command Clementine to commit Dastardly Deeds, a huntress searching for a mystical unicorn, and more. Any fans of Shrek, fractured fairy tales, and fantasy will want to follow Clementine on this enchanting and witty journey.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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