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Dear Little One

Cover: 'Dear Little One'

Staff Review: "Dear Little One" by Nina Laden, Melissa Castrillon


This beautifully-illustrated picture book celebrates nature through the eyes of a little girl and her dog. Written as a letter from Mother Nature, this book encourages children to observe the world around them and appreciate everything the earth provides, from tiny insects to tall mountaintops. The lilting rhymes and dreamy illustrations present an imaginative take on the world and will have both kids and adults wondering at everything the earth is and everything it could be. This book also informs children about the roles of the sun and trees, teaches them that they can help create a better future, and provides them with words of affirmation:

“Marvel at the stars,
and the vastness of space.
You are a sparkling part
of this beautiful place.”

I was first drawn to this book by the gorgeous illustrations. The vibrant colors and details will easily enthrall readers of all ages. And as someone who is always trying to live more sustainably, the environmental message touched my heart and made me hopeful for the future. This is a wonderful book to instill a love of nature and a desire to protect our planet!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction, picture book

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