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Deep Dark Secrets

Cover: 'Deep Dark Secrets'

Staff Review: "Deep Dark Secrets" by Joy Ann Ribar


This is book one in a new series called Deep Lake Cozy Mystery. The story is placed in south-central Wisconsin in a town called Deep Lakes. The main character is Francine “Frankie” Champagne. Frankie is a 40-something entrepreneur. She is the owner of Bubble and Bake, a bakery by day and wine lounge by night. She is also a pastry maker, vintner and freelance journalist. Frankie finds herself investigating the murder of a local pastor, after her curiosity is piqued at the church. Frankie is spurred on in her investigation by trying to prove herself as a journalist after being denied a reporter position with the local paper. Frankie finds the people of Deep Lakes have many secrets, and someone is willing to kill to keep them hidden.

I enjoyed reading this book because of the spunky main character, and the placement of the story in Wisconsin. The multiple twists make this an interesting mystery until the very end.

Audience: adults | Genre: mystery

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