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The Devil's Dozen

Staff Review: The Devil's Dozen

"The Devil's Dozen" by Katherine Ramsland

Cover: 'The Devil's Dozen'


This non-fiction collection is comprised of cases of serial killers beginning with the nineteenth century through modern times, with a special caveat; all were solved with the most cutting-edge forensics of the day, by detectives that were unrelenting and dogged in their pursuit of the perpetrators of unspeakable crimes. H.H. Holmes (portrayed in "Devil in the White City"), was caught and found guilty with the use of new toxicology research. Andrei Chikatilo (portrayed in the movie "Citizen X" ) confessed to his crimes thanks to the latest FBI techniques of profiling. There are 12 cases described in the book, but an especially interesting feature is the extensive list of sources at the end of each case. The sources provide titles from which to choose a more in-depth reading selection of cases that may peak your interest. For all of you who like to see the "bad guy" get caught, this is a good one!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Nonfiction, True Crime